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Connect & automate almost every recruitment platform & tool, without writing a single line of code.

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Apps we connect to

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Automate Any Recruitment Process

Whether it’s saving time, money, freeing up your team to focus on what’s important, or launching new recruitment innovations; Mustard’s got you covered. 

Candidate Processes

Automate how you find, attract and engage candidates from anywhere on the web.

Client Processes

Automatically fill your calendar with hiring companies in your target markets.


Supercharge your agency by automating manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


Bring your recruitment technology ideas to life, with bespoke web applications for your agency.


Automate Any Process

Mustard connects almost all recruitment platforms and tools, helping to automate costly and time-consuming tasks.

Focus On What's Important

Empower your team to focus on high value tasks, while Mustard automates the boring and repetitive stuff.

Your Secret Sauce

Supercharge your agency's ability to compete and grow, by combining your knowledge of your business and its markets, with Mustard's ability to build powerful automations.

How It All Works

Get started with Mustard in just two easy steps:

Process Audit

Complete a 60 minute session with Mustard's executive team to identify areas your business can automate, and to bring your recruitment technology ideas to life.

Build and Launch

Mustard's team of experts will convert your manual processes and rec-tech ideas into tangible automation within 7 days. You can start small and choose to expand as you see results.

Mustard Recruitment Software

How We Charge

You can choose to start with simple automations, and have full control over what automations you want to continue with, expand or contract.

Simple Pricing

Mustard charges for monthly automations, based on their complexity, volume and number of steps.

Complete Control

You can altert, disable &enable your automations instantly through our simple web platform.

Easy Expansion

You can add steps to existing automations, or create new processes with ease.

Own Your Data

Mustard is a data processor, so you maintain complete ownership and control over all of your data, and can access it from within your existing platforms and tools.